A Rare Presentation Tulwar Sword


A massive example, the iron hilt finely inlaid in elaborate silver flowering vinework overall. The broad blade forged of pattern-welded damascus steel , with narrow fuller at the spine and expanded tip, chiseled at the right forte with Surya, the Hindu God of the Sun, and inscribed, THE RAJAH SAHEB DHARAMPUR. Beginning of the 19th century. Light wear. Presented by the Raja of Dharampur, the English inscription indicates the recipient was British, probably a high-ranking officer present on the occasion of the elevation of Dharampur to a British Protectorate on December 31, 1802. Surya the Sun God was the device of the ruling family, who were members of the Rajput Sisodia Dynasty. Surya remains the Dharampur state emblem and is depicted on its flag. Condition II