LionGate Arms & Armour wants to buy your antique arms!!


Currently Seeking:

(Must be Genuine and Authentic, and in Good to Excellent Condition, i.e. no significant damage and no parts missing.)

  • 1796 Pattern British Light and Heavy Cavalry Sabres
  • European Medieval Swords
  • Croatian Swords and Armor
  • Scottish Swords and Dirks
  • English Mortuary Hilted Swords
  • Indo-Persian Damascus Weapons - Tulwars, Shamshirs, etc.
  • Medieval Turkish Swords & Armour
  • Ukrainian Cossack Swords & Daggers, 1700-1917
  • Korean swords and armour
  • Pre 1922 edged weapons attributable to the disbanded Irish Regiments,Dublin Fusiliers Munster Fusiliers Connaught Rangers, Royal Irish Regiment, Leinsters, Inniskillings etc. Also Irish militia swords.
  • 19th century European dueling sabres.
  • Eastern Powder Flasks & Horns (Persian, Turkish, etc.)
  • Imperial Russian/Cossack/Georgian Shashkas in Fine Condition
  • Unusual Indian Weapons, i.e. Chakram, Bagh-naghk, Pata and Madu
  • Hungarian Swords (pre 1880's) powder flasks, ornate saddles, etc.
  • Islamic arms and armour  (swords, spears, shields)
  • Royal Highland Fusiliers Basket-hilt
  • Michael Petard's books on French Military Equipment, complete
  • 1820-1840 Mexican military items
  • Chanfron or Animal Armour
  • Nazi Swords and Daggers
  • Fine Caucasian Guns
  • Gaziri (Caucasian) or any individual gun powder charge containers
  • Civil War Kepis
  • Napoleonic (1st Empire) Swords
  • Good Nazi Forestry Daggers
  • Nazi Gorgets
  • Pistols and Accoutrements by Mortimer
  • Scottish Sgian Dubhs by Robert Allen
  • Good Original Imperial Period Cherkesska Coats with or without Gaziri
  • Original Imperial Period Kuban Cossack Papakha Hats
  • Caucasian Kindjal Belt
If you have one of the items listed on this page, or if you are seeking something and wish for me to list it here, e-mail: