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Firearms & Artillery


Long Arms

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Modified 19th Century Military Rifle
Japanese Matchlock Rifle
British Yeomanry Cavalry Carbine, Dated 1844
Martini-Henry Mark II Rifle (1879-1888), .450/.577 Cal.
An American Peabody Rifle, .52 Cal.
A Mid-19th C. British Percussion Shotgun
A 19th C. Kabyle Flintlock Rifle
A Very Scarce and Fine Large Bore Original Edo-period Japanese Matchlock (Wall Gun)
A Model 1869/71 Swiss Vetterli Rifle
An Italian Model 1870/87/15 Vetterli Vitali Military Rifle in 6.5mm Carcano
A Hawken Style Plains Rifle
An Unusual Late 19th C. East Indian Percussion Rifle
A 19th C. Indian Toradar Rifle
An Indian Blunderbuss
A 19th C. Indo- Persian Flintlock Blunderbuss
A 19th Century European Percussion Musket
An Early 19th C. Turkish Long Gun
A Scarce Model 1856 Enfield Short Rifle Musketoon
A Martini Henry - W.W. Greener Mark III 14 Gauge Egyptian Police Riot Shotgun
A Fine Original Mid 19th Century Percussion Pennsylvania / Kentucky Rifle with arrel by J.H. Johnston


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French AN XIII Percussion Pistol -- price reduced!!
50-bore Belgian Box-lock Flintlock Pocket Pistol, ca. 1815
English Double-barreled Flintlock Pocket-pistol by Richard Hollis
A Kuchenreiter Dueling Pistol, ca. 1740, Converted to Percussion
French M1822 Percussion Cavalry Holster Pistol
English Single-shot Box-lock Percussion Pocket Pistol
A Rare Mid-19th Century Japanese .50 cal. Box Lock Percussion Pistol
19th C. Caucasian Miquelet Flintlock Holster Pistol
An Engraved Uruguayan Double Barreled Percussion Pistol, Bijon Y Clerc
A Fine Late 19th C. .32 Cal. Rimfire Revolver from the Lee Arms Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA.
A Fine Matched Pair of 19th C. Belgian .45 Cal. Box Lock Pocket Pistols
Thomas Arino Eibar 12mm. D.A. Pinfire Revolver, ca. 1870-1880
.45 Cal. Colt Single Action Army Revolver, with Papers, ca. 1902
A Baby Hammerless Revolver, ca. 1900
Historic Chicago, .38 Cal. Colt Police Positive Revolver, ca. 1900
A Mid 19th C. Double Barreled Belgian Percussion Pistol
A Civil War Period Model #2 Smith & Wesson Revolver
A Mid 19th Century Coast Guard Style Unmarked Percussion Pistol
An Early 20th Century Daisy Model 118 TARGET SPECIAL BB Pistol
A Waters U.S. Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol, Converted to Percussion -- price reduced!!
A Civil War Period S&W No. 2 Army Revolver, S/N 11981
A Fine Original WW2 German LP42 Flare Pistol
An 18th Century Caucasian Cossack Ball-butt Miquelet Flintlock Pistol
A Rare F.H. Clark & Co., Memphis, Southern Percussion Derringer Pistol ca. 1845-1860


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Standing Mortar, ca. 17th/18th Century
A Victorian Period British George III Style Display Model Siege Mortar with Handcrafted Carriage
A U.S. Handmade Signal Cannon, ca. 1900
A Mexican Revolution Period Cannon Barrel, ca. 1900
An Early 20th Century Cast Iron Signal Cannon

Gun Parts

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Early 19th C. Spanish Miquelet Lock
A Group of 19th C. Percussion Locks
A Rare U.S. Indian Wars Period Gatling Gun Tinned Box Magazine
Spanish Copy Colt SA Wood Grips, ca.1900
A 19th Century British Musket/Shotgun Barrel
A Set of Early 20th Century Mexican German Silver and Brass Automatic Pistol Grips
Two 19th Century Iron Pistol Ball Molds