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Firearms & Artillery


Long Arms

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Modified 19th Century Military Rifle
Japanese Matchlock Rifle
British Yeomanry Cavalry Carbine, Dated 1844
Martini-Henry Mark II Rifle (1879-1888), .450/.577 Cal.
An American Peabody Rifle, .52 Cal.
A Mid-19th C. British Percussion Shotgun
A 19th C. Kabyle Flintlock Rifle
A Very Scarce and Fine Large Bore Original Edo-period Japanese Matchlock (Wall Gun)
A Model 1869/71 Swiss Vetterli Rifle
An Italian Model 1870/87/15 Vetterli Vitali Military Rifle in 6.5mm Carcano
A Hawken Style Plains Rifle
An Unusual Late 19th C. East Indian Percussion Rifle
A 19th C. Indian Toradar Rifle
An Indian Blunderbuss
A 19th C. Indo- Persian Flintlock Blunderbuss
A 19th Century European Percussion Musket
An Early 19th C. Turkish Long Gun
A Scarce Model 1856 Enfield Short Rifle Musketoon
A Martini Henry - W.W. Greener Mark III 14 Gauge Egyptian Police Riot Shotgun
A Fine Original Mid 19th Century Percussion Pennsylvania / Kentucky Rifle with arrel by J.H. Johnston


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French AN XIII Percussion Pistol -- price reduced!!
50-bore Belgian Box-lock Flintlock Pocket Pistol, ca. 1815
English Double-barreled Flintlock Pocket-pistol by Richard Hollis
A Kuchenreiter Dueling Pistol, ca. 1740, Converted to Percussion
French M1822 Percussion Cavalry Holster Pistol
English Single-shot Box-lock Percussion Pocket Pistol
A Rare Mid-19th Century Japanese .50 cal. Box Lock Percussion Pistol
19th C. Caucasian Miquelet Flintlock Holster Pistol
An Engraved Uruguayan Double Barreled Percussion Pistol, Bijon Y Clerc
A Fine Late 19th C. .32 Cal. Rimfire Revolver from the Lee Arms Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA.
A Fine Matched Pair of 19th C. Belgian .45 Cal. Box Lock Pocket Pistols
Thomas Arino Eibar 12mm. D.A. Pinfire Revolver, ca. 1870-1880
.45 Cal. Colt Single Action Army Revolver, with Papers, ca. 1902
A Baby Hammerless Revolver, ca. 1900
Historic Chicago, .38 Cal. Colt Police Positive Revolver, ca. 1900
A Mid 19th C. Double Barreled Belgian Percussion Pistol
A Civil War Period Model #2 Smith & Wesson Revolver
A Mid 19th Century Coast Guard Style Unmarked Percussion Pistol
An Early 20th Century Daisy Model 118 TARGET SPECIAL BB Pistol
A Waters U.S. Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol, Converted to Percussion -- price reduced!!
A Civil War Period S&W No. 2 Army Revolver, S/N 11981
A Fine Original WW2 German LP42 Flare Pistol
An 18th Century Caucasian Cossack Ball-butt Miquelet Flintlock Pistol
A Rare F.H. Clark & Co., Memphis, Southern Percussion Derringer Pistol ca. 1845-1860


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Standing Mortar, ca. 17th/18th Century
A Victorian Period British George III Style Display Model Siege Mortar with Handcrafted Carriage
A U.S. Handmade Signal Cannon, ca. 1900
A Mexican Revolution Period Cannon Barrel, ca. 1900

Gun Parts

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Early 19th C. Spanish Miquelet Lock
A Group of 19th C. Percussion Locks
A Rare U.S. Indian Wars Period Gatling Gun Tinned Box Magazine
Spanish Copy Colt SA Wood Grips, ca.1900
A 19th Century British Musket/Shotgun Barrel
A Set of Early 20th Century Mexican German Silver and Brass Automatic Pistol Grips
Two 19th Century Iron Pistol Ball Molds
An Original Pair of U.S.1911 .45 Automatic Pistol Grips and Screws