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Badges, Medals & Orders


Badges, Medals & Orders

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Medal for a Past Worthy Patriarch of the Order of the Sons of St. George
Framed WWI Austro-Hungarian War Ribbon Bar
American Civil War G.A.R. Medals
Sons of Veterans Group
Pre-WWII Period Japanese Men's Red Cross Medal
Italian Pre-WWII Cap Badges
U.S. American Legion Auxilary Indiana State Annual Convention Medal, Terre Haute, Sept. 26-27, 1922
U.S. Spanish-American War Auxiliary Medal
U.S. National Guard Achievement Award
Silver German Labor Medal, Dated 1906
U.S. Masonic Veteran's Next of Kin Death Medal
1949 Oakland Pistol & Rifle Club Medal
British 1914-1915 Star
Imperial Bavarian Luitpold 50-year Veteran's Medal
US Army Enlisted Soldier's Visor Cap Badge, ca. 1920's-30's
Mid-19th C. Shako Plate
WWII Japanese Military Assoc. Patriot Badge
WWII-period Japanese Veteran's Badges
G.A.R. Charles Robinson, War Governor, Dept. of Kansas Medal (minus ribbon)
Post WWI-period German Saar District Stahlhelm Patch
Scarce 1916 U.S. Mexican Border Service Unofficial Medal
WWII-period Bronze Star
Rare 1916-1917 U.S. Mexican Border Service Unofficial/Souvenir Medal
Early 20th C. Buffalo Bill's Lookout Mountain Colo. Monument Watch Fob
Scarce Early 20th C. St. John's Northwestern Military Academy Shako Device
An Original U.S. Civil War Period, Enlisted Man's Kepi/Forage Cap Letter Device
Original U.S. Indian War Period, Cavalry Enlisted Man's Kepi/Forage Cap Device
WWII-period French Medaille Des Evades
1900 G.A.R. Chicago Encampment Medal
WWI Belgian Victory Medal
U.S. Republic of Vietnam Service Medal
WWI French Medaille Du Bien Public Medal
Belgian WWI Commemorative Medal
Early 20th C. U.S. 3rd Army Maneuvers Badge
Late-19th C. Knights of Pythias Fraternal Order Badge
Imperial German WWI Kyffhauserbund (German Nation Soldier's Association) Medal
1916 50th Illinois G.A.R. Encampment Medal
Fine Mid-20th C. Peruvian (?) Pilot's Wings
Named American Bronze Star Medal with Original Box
Framed WWI French/Belgian Medal Group
A Group of Five WWI Period British Cap Crests
Group of Three Peoples Republic of Poland Medals
Silver Civil War Period Seventh Corps Union Army Badge
WWI British Victory Medal and Ribbon
Scarce Original Ohio State Mexican Border Service Medal, 1916-1917
Imperial German Period Order of The Blue Owl (Der Blaue Uhu), ca. 19th C.
A Civil War Ladder Badge, 49th PA Volunteers, Named
Medieval European Roman Catholic Devotional Medallion or Papal Medal
A Framed American Legion Medal Group
Original U.S. Department of Defense Distingushed Service Medal
Iowa State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Award
Rare U.S. Small Town (Parkersburg, W. Va.) WWI Victory Medal
WWI State of New Jersey Victory Medal
U.S. Army General Staff Identification Badge
Original WWI Period Bulgarian War Merit Cross, 1915
Original WWI British Commonwealth Victory medal
Original WWI Period Austrian Empire, Franz Joseph Sigmum Memoriam Medal
Original Communist Poland, Peoples Republic of Poland, Cross of Merit, 2nd Class
Excellent 19th C. Belgian Military Decoration
Excellent early 20th C. WWI Belgian Fire Cross Medal
Excellent Early 20th C. WWI Belgian Volunteer Combatant Medal
Excellent British Distinctive Flying Cross Display Copy
35th G.A.R. Convention Cleveland, Ohio, 1901 Sons of Veterns Medal
Excellent WWI Belgian Croix de Guerre Medal
Original WWI Period Order of Franz Joseph Cross
U.S. Navy Distinguished Service Medal
Original U.S. Officers Legion of Merit Medal
Excellent U.S. Korea/Vietnam Medal Group
Excellent early 20th C. WWI Belgian Commemorative Medal
A Pair of U.S. ROTC National Sojourners Medals
Rare Original South Dakota/Black Hills Span. Am. Veterans' Medal
Post-1941 U.S. Public Health Service Hat Device
U.S. Army Airforce Standard Full Size Avaition Crew Wings
Original WWI American Victory Medal
Japanese 1914-1920 War Medal with Original Box
A Pair of U.S. Dewey Medals, Battle of Manila and Matching Miniature
Original WWI Period Belgian Croix de Guerre
U.S. Marine Corps Korean War 5 Medal Group, Unnamed
U.S. Marine Corps Korean/Vietnam War 4 Medal Group, Unnamed
U.S. Navy Korean/Vietnam War 4 Medal Group, Unnamed
Original Canadian WWII Voluntary Service Medal, 1939-45
Scarce 50th Anniversary of Graduation, University of Iowa Medal of Attendance, ca. 1900
Original Rhodesian General Service Medal, Named
1958 Arizona State Rifle Assn. S/S and Mks., First Place, State Champonship Medal
Original Rhodesian General Service Medal, Named
Two 20th C. U.S. Army Qualification Badges
Canadian Veterans Life Member Medal, Named
Rare Original Nebraska State National Guard Mexican Border Conflict Medal
Original Named WWII U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal, Named
Original WWI British 1914-15 War Cross, Named
Original Republic of South Vietnam Wound Medal
Matched Pair Republic of Vietnam 1st Class Staff Service Medals
Custom Framed Double Matted Mid-20th C. U.S. Marine Corps Brevet Medal
Custom Framed Double Matted Mid-20th C. Dutch Korps Mariniers Group
Custom Framed Single Matted WWI Document/Medal Group
Custom Framed Quadruple Matted Mid-20th C. British Army Warrant Officer 1st Class Rank Insignia Patch
Mid-20th C. British Royal Marines Commando Insignia Group
A Group of 3 Embroidered Mid-20th C. British Air Force Patches
Mint Cased Set of East German Medals, ca. 1949-1990
A Group of Three WWI Victory Medals
Early 20th C./Revolution Period, Mexican Army Officer's Hat Device
A Rare Mid-20th C. Korean Marine Corp. Hat Device
A Group of 3 Indiana American Legion Medals
An Unidentifed Matched Pair of Mid-20th C. Royal Aviation Badges
A WWI British Naval Medal Group Named to D. McDougall
Mid-20th Century U.S. Air Force Sterling Silver Wings
A Pair of 19th Century Naval Bullion Collar Insignia
A Rare Original WWII Nazi German Mine Sweeper Combat Badge
Original U.S. Legionnaire Class Legion Of Merit Medal
Original U.S. WWI Victory Medal with "Defensive Sector" Bar
Original G.A.R. Wisconsin 41st Annual Encampment 1907 Delegate Medal.
British and Common Wealth 1939-45 War Medal
Unidentified Mid-20th Century Medal with Neck Cravat
Original U.S. WWI Victory Medal with "France" Bar
An Original WWII Soviet Order of the Red Star, #3321369
An Original WWII Soviet Defense of Stalingrad 1942 Medal
G.A.R. 25th Indiana Encampment 1904 Medal
WWI French Commemorative Medal
Original WWII German Air Force Flak Badge
U.S. WWI Veteran's Medal
Soviet USSR WWII Combat Merit Medal
U.S. Air Force Distinguished Service Medal
Original U.S. Named Bronze Star
Original WWI Austrian 5 Years Service Medal
Original Uncommon WWI Period Austrian Army Wound Badge
A Group of Three Original WWI Austro-Hungarian Medals
Matched Pair of Vietnam Honor Medals
A Framed Group of the Four Grades of the Order of Australia
A Framed Group of Six Original British Army Cap Devices
2530 G.A.R. F.C.L. Women's Relief Corps Medal
An Original Boxed Belgian/French Knight's Cross of Leopold Medal with Swords and Palms
A Group of Nine Original 1940's Missouri & Wisconsin G.A.R. Ribbons
A Scarce Imperial German Zeppelin Rigid Airship Badge, ca. 1900
A WWII Period Nazi German SA Sports Badge in Silver
A WWII Nazi German Visored Cap Eagle, Cockade and Wreath
An Original Theater-made Vietnam War Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
An Original Theater-made WWII China Burma India Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
An Original WWII Nazi Waffen Sports Eagle Insignia
A World War I 1917-18 New Jersey Jr. O.U.A.M. Masonic Medal for Recognition of Brother Service with Original Case
A Rare 1911 Third Panel Sheriffs Jury Badge
An Original WWII Period Nazi German 1933 N.S.D.A.P. Reichspartritag Nurnberg Badge
A Fine Original WWII Period Nazi German 25 Year Faithful Service Medal with Case
An Outstanding Original WWII Period Nazi German 1st Class 1939 Iron Cross with Case
A U.S. WWI Victory Medal
A Vintage New Jersey Masonic Lodge Grouping
Two Original variations of 'Bundles for Britain' Pins
An Original U.S Clutch Back Sterling Expert Infantry Badge
An Original U.S Clutch Back Sterling Combat Infantry Badge
A Silver Scottish MacDougall VINCERE VEL MORTI Clan Badge
An Excellent Original Silver 25 Years Faithful Service Cross
An Original Nazi German Stick Pin for the Dr. Fritz Todt Badge of Honour in Silver
An Unidentified Enameled Military Breast Star Style Pin
An Original Numbered U.S. Mexican Border Conflict Service Medal
A WWI Pennsylvania Service State Medal and Bar
A Mexican 1936 Dated 1st Class 25 Year Perseverancia Medal with AGUANTE Bar
An Excellent Original Gold 40 Years Faithful Service Cross
An Outstanding Original Nazi German 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class, "L21 SPANGE" Mark with Original Envelope.
An Original WWI Imperial German Miniature Silver and Enamel Iron Cross with Woven Ribbon
A Scarce Late 19th Century 4th Maryland Militia Shako Crest
A Pennsylvania Society Silver 1923 Twenty Fifth Dinner Medal
A Rare Original U.S. Army Staff Officers M1832-40 Chapeau Eagle
An Original U.S. Civil War Period Union Hardy Hat Insignia
An Original M1872-75 Indian Wars Period U.S. Gilt Die Cast Infantry Kepi Bugle Insignia
An Original U.S. Gilt Die Cast E.M. Artillery Crossed Cannon Cap Insignia, ca. 1885
An Original Late 19th Century New York Militia Shako Crest
An American Legion Auxiliary School Award Table Medal
An Original Soviet Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class,Type 3, Numbered 1184880, with Document Book
An Original Soviet Order of Glory 3rd Class Medal Numbered 721982
An Original Soviet Order of the Patriotic War, 1st Class, Type 3 , Numbered 850901 with Document Book
An Original Soviet Order of Glory 3rd Class Medal Numbered 615016
An Original Soviet Russian Order of Labor Glory 3rd Class Type 2, Numbered 540665
A Rare Original 1950's Soviet Pilot's Wings 1st Class with Three Document Books for the Same Major Rank Officer
A Soviet Russian 1985 Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, Numbered 3153732 with Document Book
An Original Soviet Military Three Medal Bar, Combat Merit, Labor Effort, 1941-45, 30th Anniv. 1918-1948
An Original Soviet Russian Order of the Badge of Honor
An Original Soviet Order of the Red Banner of Labor Medal, Type 6, Var. 2, Numbered 1055136 with Documentation Book
An Original WW2 Period Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class, Type 2, Numbered 158363
An Original Soviet Medal for Military Combat Merit
A Fine Original WW1/WW2 Nazi German Three Medal Group
Original 1902 U.S. Artillery Service Collar Insignia
A Scarce City of Zeeland Michigan WWI Victory / Service Medal
An Original Numbered U.S. Mexican Border Conflict Service Medal
A G.A.R. Union Veterans' Association F.C. L. Women's Relief Corps Member's Medal
A Post WWI German Der Stahlhelm Veterans' Association Pin
A Fine WWII Period Japanese Order of the Golden Kite 7th Class Medal
A U.S. Veterans of the Spanish American War Medal with New Jersey State Bar
A WWII Nazi German Black and White Enameled Swastika Stick Pin
A Fine 1st Class Belgian Labor Decoration with Original Ribbon
A WWII German RAD (Labor Corp) Hat Insignia
A G.A.R. Union Veterans' Association F.C. L. Women's Relief Corps President Officer's Medal
A New Jersey State WWI Victory/Service Medal
A Wonderful Post Civil War G.A.R.Union Veterans' Association F.C.L. Womens Relief Corps Long Service Officer's Medal
A 40th National Encampment of Spanish American War Veterans Medal
A Scarce Group of Seven WWII Period Schlaraffia Society Medals
A Rare Original WW2 U.S. Army Air Corps Chinese Aviation Cadet (Arizona Thunderbird Training Field S.S.I.) Shoulder Patch
A Fine Silver WW1 (1866-1917) Imperial Austria - Hungary Military Bravery Medal with Original Ribbon
An Original WW2 German Reichsbahn (Railroad) Bevo Woven Uniform Breast Eagle
A Vintage American Red Cross Volunteer Lapel Pin
A Scarce 1882 British Egypt Khedive Star
An Unidentified 20th Century Breast Badge Style Pin
An Original Late WW2 German N.S.D.A.P. Nazi Party Badge
An Original WW1 Period German Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon
An Original WW2 German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Woven Cloth Uniform Breast Eagle.
An Uncommon 1956 Los Angeles American Legion 38th National Convention Medal
A Rare October 1912 Souvenir New York Medal of the Olympia, Mobilization and Entertainment of U.S. Fleet
An Uncommon WW2 U.S. A.A.C. Air Service Command Distinctive Insignia
A 1944 Polish Polonia Restituta Medal
An Original WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon
A WW2 Nazi German Army White Metal Breast Eagle
An Uncommon WW1 State of New Jersey Service Medal
An Original WW2 Italian SS Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
A Fine Cold War Period Austrian Tank Badge
Fine Original U.S. Spanish American War Veterans Medal
A Rare Pre-WW2, 1933-37 German D.A.F. Sports Badge, Third Class with Matching Miniature Pin
Two Original WW1 U.S. 88th Division Medals
An Original WW2 Nazi German First Class War Merit Cross with Swords by Steinhauer & Luck
A Scarce Group of three U.S. Mexican Border Conflict Medals
An Original Early Domed Vietnam Campaign Medal with 1966 Bar
An Original RAD WJ Female National Labor Service Bevo Woven Sleeve Insignia
An Original WW2 Nazi German Solid Back Silver Wound Badge Marked "65"
An Original WW2 Nazi German Iron Cross First Class
Original WW2 Nazi German Hitler Youth Bevo Woven Sleeve Circle
A General Thomas J. Stewart Medal, Pennsylvania National Guard
A 25 Years Service Medal for an Unidentified German Organization
A Group of Four Original Nazi German Tinnies
A WW1 U.S. Army 2nd Regiment Company M Crossed Rifle Collar Insignia.
An Indian Wars Period U.S. Army 1st Regiment Company L Crossed Rifle Kepi Insignia
An Original WW2 Nazi German Iron Cross First Class
A Chilean Headgear Insignia, ca. 1900
A WW2 Period U.S Army Air Corps Sterling Qualification Badge
A Fine Original French 501 RCC Battle Tank Regiment Badge
A Scarce WW2 Womens Volunteer Corps Badge
A WW2 Period Nazi German Luftwaffe Visored Hat Insignia
A WW1 British Silver War Medal, Royal Navy
A Vintage 23rd Canadian Service Battalion Cap Badge
A Fine U.S. Civil War Union VI Corps Badge
An Original Nazi German Army Veteran's Association Visored Hat Insignia
An Original WW1 British Victory Medal
An Original Nazi German Four Ribbon Bar
A WW1 Period U.S. Army Officer's Matched Pair of Collar Brass
An Original Enameled Hitler Youth Membership Pin
An Original Medal of the Order of the Prussian Red Cross, 3rd Class, !917- 1921
Three WW2 Period German Stick Pins
An Imperial Russian WW1 Period Silver Cross of Saint George 4th Class Bravery Medal #985162
An Original WW1 German Three Ribbon Bar
A U.S. Civil War XV Union Corps Badge
An Original WW1 U.S. Victory medal with Three Battle Bars
An Original Early 19th Century U.S. Army Headgear Eagle Insignia
An Original Vietnam War Period Ramasun Thailand 7 RRFS Shoulder Sleeve Patch
An Original WW2 Nazi German D.R.K.B. Bevo Woven Shield Patch
An Original 1939-45 British War Medal
A Fine U.S. Spanish-American War F.C.L. Medal
A Named WW2 Naval Veteran's Five Medal Group
A French Foreign Legion Insignia, Cold War Period
An Early Post-WW2 French Made Naval Badge
An Original Theater-made Vietnam War Period U.S. 18th Engineer Shoulder Sleeve Patch
An Original WW2 Nazi Mountain Troop's Edelweiss Sleeve Patch
An Original WW2 German Eastern Front Medal with Ribbon
An Unidentified U.S. Bronze Medal with Applied Silver Letters M.A. N.C., ca. 1900(?)